Green Keystone Alliance


There are a tremendous number of truly innovative processes, materials, technologies, and products that are now available for deployment, each of which would make a significant reduction in our impact on the planet. Unfortunately, the penetration of these into daily design and engineering practices is, at best, spotty.  Why isn’t the use of known best technologies and materials more widespread? How can we make adoption of sustainable technologies more pervasive?

As Sustainability moves increasingly to the forefront of business and consumer thinking, many businesses are making moves to understand their “sustainable footprint. ” REACH, RoHS, and other regulations are accelerating the demand to understand and communicate the lifecycle impact of products and projects. As more regulations take effect, they generate an increasingly dense web of difficult to coordinate requirements. Unfortunately, the number of agencies making such demands is large, and the additional requirements are burdensome, adding significant viscosity to day-to-day business operations. How can we make compliance with additional regulations less costly?

In multi-tier industries, such as automotive and aerospace, OEM vendors place additional demands on their suppliers in order that the OEMs can report as necessary. Unfortunately, efforts of the various OEM vendors place significant cost of compliance on businesses that are already in stress. How can we reduce the cost of meeting the needs of OEM sustainability data?

While these questions are challenging, we now understand the missing link, the Keystone, to bring a win-win-win solution to the challenges of OEMs, suppliers, and government - focus on how to reduce the cost embedding environmental compliance and sustainability thinking into the existing product development processes and their supporting tools.

The DaS Symposium is uniquely qualified to address these questions  because it is a unique coming together of the stakeholders that need to collaborate on the win-win-win solution. The Green Keystone Initiative is the first step in a solution.

The DaS Symposium is an alliance consisting of

1.       1. OEM providers of software for design and engineering;

2.       2. Providers of software and LCA tools for the analysis of sustainable impact

3.       3. customers who are leading practitioners in driving sustainability into practice;

4.       4. researchers from the academic community at the forefront of the application of suststainability in design

5.       5. Government entities, with active responsibility for both creating regulations and collecting shared LCA data

The Green Keystone Alliance is an initiatve of the DaS Symposium with three immediate goals:

1)      Lobby government agencies to coordinate regulations and standards for gathering, disclosing and transmitting lifecycle inventory information across industry and with all transactions

2)      Support specific industry initiative to develop standards for collecting and delivering lifecycle inventory information

3)      Development of a “Roll up” standard that would conceptually function like a “value add tax” passing forward all information about the lifecycle impacts from original materials extraction to final sale and eventually full cradle-to-cradle accounting.