October Update

This email was sent to COFES 2014 invitees on October 23, 2013

COFES 2013
  April 24 thru April 27, 2014 Scottsdale, Arizona cofes.com

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  COFES 2014 Theme: Correcting 2020 Vision

2020 is just six years ahead, well within the planning horizons of most companies. What should we be planning for? In the past six years, we’ve experienced significant progress in many areas.

  • Today we’re actively breaking down the silos between the design and engineering of the physical (CAD/CAE), electronics (EDA), and the logical (Software Engineering)
  • 3D printing has moved from prototyping to a practical form of manufacturing
  • Decision-making has moved into the forefront of our conversation
  • Hardware horsepower is available on tap, either through clustering or via the cloud
  • We can simulate large models in their entirety, without engaging shortcuts
  • BIM has moved from an idea to a practical reality
  • Twitter was born in 2006, Facebook in 2004. Social media has transitioned from personal toys to political enablers and business realities

We’ve come a long way, but what can we expect to happen next? When you plan for the next six years, what types of changes are you envisioning? Some companies and industries are truly better at predicting (and acting upon) success—that elusive 2020 vision. What corrections do you need to make to your own vision to get 2020 foresight?

  • How might the multitudes of existing automated subsystems truly interoperate more effectively?
  • What strategies and investments offer the highest paybacks for systems success in the immediate years up to 2020?
  • Which technologies will continue to develop linearly?
  • Which existing developments will take off exponentially, or with unanticipatable emergent properties?
  • What game changers will change everything again?

At COFES 2014, we’ll address these questions and more.

  Paul Saffo and George Dyson to Keynote COFES 2014

We haven't made an official press release on it yet, but we're delighted that Paul Saffo Paul Saffo and George Dyson will be the keynotes for COFES 2014. Briefly, Paul will take a look at predicting the next 6 years and George will discuss why our predictions have failed in the past. Details on their talks will be announced in November.

  COFES 2013 Audio and Videos Posted

In case you haven't heard, we've posted the videos from the COFES 2013 keynotes and special presentations on the COFES website. Check out COFES.com/video.

We've also made it possible for anyone to listen to the audio recordings from Tech Suite Briefings, Analyst Briefings, and Roundtable discussions. COFES.com/audio. Check them out!

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For those of you on other devices, we're in the process of porting the app to Windows 8 and Android and hope to have them available soon.

We'll also be posting new material as we get closer to COFES 2014, so check back often!

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