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COFES 2013
  April 11 thru April 14, 2013 Scottsdale, Arizona cofes.com

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  COFES 2013 Theme: Design for Resilience in Products and Strategy

We need to build resilience into our products. And into our businesses.

In the context of materials, resilience is the ability to spring back quickly into shape after being deformed or stressed in some manner. In the context of design, resilience is the ability of a product or project to withstand and adjust to conditions that were outside its original design scope. In some cases, changes are due to unanticipatable shift in the context of use; for example, the use of a quadcopter toy as a professional surveillance tool by police, or the use of an old missile silo as a home. In other cases, shift happens in the market resulting in the demise of products not resilient to that shift. Think buggy whips, drafting boards, or high-rise low-income housing projects that are now being torn down because they can’t be repurposed.

Businesses need to be resilient, too. Many firms have failed due to lack of flexibility when the conditions they have been optimized for have changed. And often optimization comes at the expense of resiliency: An extremely lean operation has no room for failure of even a single aspect of its operation. What is the right level of balance between optimization and efficiency, and resilience?

Before we had a focus on global sustainability, before the world had to support so many people, we could afford to pay less attention to resilience of products and just toss them when they couldn’t adapt. Now, as supplies are constrained, cost-of-goods has risen, and we are competing on a global level, we can’t afford to ignore the strategic role of the resilience of our products, projects, and businesses.

Last COFES, we explored the role of risk in design, impact of time-horizon, and what actions we can (or should) take in response. For COFES 2013, we take the next step and examine the risks imposed by a world increasingly in flux, and take on resilience as a strategic consideration.

  COFES 2012 Audio and Videos Posted

In case you haven't heard, we've posted the videos from the COFES 2012 keynotes and special presentations on the COFES website. Check out COFES.com/video.

We've also made it possible for anyone to listen to the audio recordings from Tech Suite Briefings, Analyst Briefings, and Roundtable discussions. COFES.com/audio. Check them out!

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