Posters at COFES 2011

Posters at COFES

An opportunity to discuss work in progress with the leaders of the design and engineering software industry.

The Poster Session at COFES allows you to present interesting recent research or novel ideas that have the potential to impact the future of engineering software. COFES is a unique opportunity to share your latest ideas, concepts, problems, research, or business plans with senior executives and thought leaders from design, engineering, architecture, development, and technology.

It’s the idea that counts. Students, other academics, practitioners, software vendors--anyone with a great idea is encouraged to participate.

This is an ideal venue for showcasing innovative work.

The opportunity here is simple: Present your work in progress. If it gets selected to be at COFES, it’s because we’re sure that it will spark a discussion. Your work will benefit from input from some of the finest minds in the software industry.

We encourage researchers to submit their work-in-progress, present their valuable ideas, and benefit from the resulting discussion. Please, this is for work in progress only – don’t send us posters on projects if it is too late for the input to make a difference.

Here is how it works 

  1. Go to to learn about the uniqueness and quality of the conference and attendees.
  2. Fill out the form at (Note: COFES is an invitation-only event.) 

    Question 1 of the application asks: “What do expect to get out of your participation in COFES, and why do you want to attend?”

    In the response field, respond with “POSTER” followed by a brief (50-200 words) description of what will be on your poster.
  3. Deadline for the application is Monday, March 14.
  4. We will select the most interesting submissions and let you know if you have been selected by Monday, March 21.
  5. If you are selected, we will contact you with your COFES invitation code. You must be registered for COFES by March 31 in order to participate. Register at .

    If you are an academic and wish to accompany (or be accompanied by) your graduate student, please contact us for special pricing.
  6. Have your 24” x 36”poster prepared in time to have it arrive in Arizona by Friday, April 8. Your poster should present your idea, concept, problem, research, or business plan that is self explanatory as it will be on display when you are not there. (Refer to Poster Tutorial for some ideas on how to make an effective poster.)
  7. Posters will be on display at COFES. You will be given the opportunity at designated times to stand by your poster to field questions, explore issues, and get feedback.

These areas, among others are of particular interest:

  • Human-computer interfaces
  • New concepts in graphics
  • The future of BIM/IPD/DP/PLM/CAE/fill in the blank
  • Engineering support for the energy revolution
  • Support for the design process
  • Sustainability
  • Innovation
  • And just plain cool stuff that would be relevant to the design and engineering community