COFES 2007

The Globalization of Engineering

If any easy prediction can be made for the future of engineering software, it is assured that it will be an international affair. Many of the participants at COFES come from companies who already use foreign suppliers or serve foreign customers, if not facing foreign competitors. To truly understand the global playing field, often the best course of action is to start talking.

The engaging and insightful conversation of COFES expanded this past year to include many more international voices. The COFES India Summit, held in November 2006 in New Delhi, laid the groundwork for an international version of our unique event, to be called COFES Asia, which will commence November 2007.

As our conversation widens to include the concerns of engineering capabilities and interests overseas, COFES participants this April in Scottsdale will have opportunity to openly discuss how the rapid globalization of our industry has affected business and technology, and what further changes we can expect. Many of the attendees of the historic India Summit are invited to the stateside COFES event to continue the dialogue and prepare the agenda for COFES Asia this fall. We welcome attendees to participate in this dialogue as well, with many open-ended discussion groups, analyst briefings, and a keynote which address the theme of the global technological marketplace.

COFES is an invitation-only event. Find out more about the 8th Annual COFES and apply for an invitation at


COFES 2007 was held at the
Scottsdale Plaza Resort

Program Highlights

  • Congress Sessions
  • Leading Keynotes
  • Business Issues
  • Analyst Briefings